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Why Trust Us As Your Pet's Veterinarian?

At Picton Animal Hospital, we believe in working as a close-knit team to provide pets from the Picton area with the veterinary services they need to achieve optimal health. 

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We focus on prevention to help pets achieve lifelong good health.

We believe preventing illnesses before they strike is the most effective way to help pets achieve long-term health. We encourage our clients to maintain a schedule of regular vaccinations and wellness exams for their pets.

Wellness Exams     Vaccinations & Preventive Care

Our veterinary team serves the Picton community. 

Our veterinarians work closely with our in-house staff to provide integrated, multi-modal care to meet your pet's unique needs. We are dedicated to providing veterinary care for your pets in the most relaxing and friendly environment possible. 

Our Veterinarians

We offer a wide range of services under one roof. 

Your pet's healthcare needs will continuously evolve from puppy and kittenhood through their senior years. We strive to provide Picton families with all the veterinary services their pets need at every stage of life.

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Our in-house lab helps us provide swift diagnosis and treatment options.

Our in-house diagnostics lab provides our veterinary team with the technology they need to conduct testing such as radiography, ultrasound, and ECG on-site to deliver a diagnosis for your pet as quickly as possible.

Veterinary Laboratory

New Patients Welcome at Picton Animal Hospital

Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of cats and dogs. Get in touch with our team to book your pet's appointment. We happily welcome both local patients and seasonal tourists to our animal hospital in Picton.

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