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Veterinary Surgery

Our veterinarians in Picton perform elective and non-elective surgical procedures, including veterinary orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, spay and neuter procedures, C-sections and more. 

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Veterinary Surgical Services

We offer a wide range of elective and non-elective surgical procedures to help maintain and restore the health of your dog or cat.

Our team understands that your pet is a member of your family and that surgery can be frightening. We will only recommend veterinary surgery when it is the ideal option to treat the medical issue at hand. We will care for your pet as though they are one of our own throughout the process.

We strive to ensure that you fully understand why we are recommending a particular surgery for your pet and that you feel fully informed and comfortable making the decision to go ahead with the procedure.

Surgery, Picton Vet

What To Expect During Surgery

Prior to any surgery, our veterinary surgeons will perform a complete assessment of your pet. This includes a physical examination of your pet as well as blood tests to determine if they face any risk of anesthesia-related complications.

Throughout each procedure, a dedicated veterinary nurse will administer anesthesia and continuously monitor your pet using electronic patient monitoring equipment. Your pet will also receive the necessary pain medication to help them stay comfortable during the surgery.

Post-operative monitoring and pain management are our priorities following surgery. Once the surgery is complete, the veterinary surgeon will also provide information and advice regarding post-surgery care for your pet.

Sterilization Protocols

Surgical protocols at our clinic include dedicated surgical suites which are kept completely sterile. This helps to decrease the risk of infections and cross-contamination between animals.

Our veterinary team wears sterile attire at all times when they are in the surgical suite, as well as thoroughly cleaning, sterilizing and wrapping our surgical instruments and equipment prior to every surgery.

Surgical Procedures in Picton

At Picton Animal Hospital in Prince Edward County, we perform various veterinary surgeries to help treat diseases and conditions in pets or to repair injuries sustained through trauma or emergency situations.

Our Picton veterinarians routinely perform the following elective and non-elective surgeries:

  • Soft Tissue Surgery

    Soft tissue surgery covers a range of ear, nose, and throat procedures as well as mass removals and treatment of flesh wounds. Almost all surgical procedures not covered under the heading of orthopedic surgery may be considered soft tissue surgery.

    Soft tissue surgery also includes procedures for hepatic, urogenital, oncological, cardiothoracic, gastrointestinal, and skin disorders. 

  • Spaying & Neutering

    Spaying and neutering are one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures that are used to sterilize animals, prevent disease, and provide dogs and cats with an extended life expectancy. 

  • C-Sections

    Cesarean sections are performed to surgically remove puppies or kittens from their mother's uterus. If your pet is unable to give birth naturally or is experiencing complications then your vet may recommend a c-section.

  • Ocular Surgery

    Ocular surgery is performed to treat eye conditions in dogs and cats. Common ocular surgeries include eyelid tumour removal, cataract surgery, ectropion surgery, entropion surgery, exenteration of the orbit, and cherry eye surgery. 

  • Orthopedic Surgery

    Orthopedic surgeries correct injuries and conditions of the bones, ligaments, joints, tendons, and other skeletal structures in your pet. Common veterinary orthopedic surgeries include TPLO and FHO.

  • Dental Surgery

    Our veterinarians provide dental surgeries to relieve pain and restore good oral health to dogs and cats. These surgeries can range from tooth extractions to gum disease treatment and jaw fracture repairs.

New Patients Welcome at Picton Animal Hospital

Our experienced vets are passionate about the health of cats and dogs. Get in touch with our team to book your pet's appointment. We happily welcome both local patients and seasonal tourists to our animal hospital in Picton.

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